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Who We Are

troGon is a Greek word for ‘nibbling’ and refers to the fact that these birds gnaw holes in trees to make their nests. As ‘troGon’ flies beyond the sky, we promote students to find and learn the diverse culture of people at different regions of the world through us.

troGon partners with many schools from different districts to support individual student needs, improve academic gains and creative aptness. We offer a comprehensive suite of evidence-based projects including professional development programmes, special education and alternative education programmes. Trogon provides the level of support necessary for students to make gains and ultimately meet high standards. troGon stands for 'Eco friendliness'. It unites us under the umbrella of nature. The letter ‘G’ in troGon implies ‘The Green World’. It functions in two distinct levels; one being related to media and the other completely focusing upon social interactions..

TROGON MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is a company registered The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is an Indian government ministry. It is primarily concerned with administration of the Companies Act 2013, the Companies Act 1956. Registration Number: 056909, CIN: U72900KL2019PTC056909 | Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India (Act, 1951) Certificate No. : DPIIT33786 | Startup India | Kerala Startup Mission | Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) | Trademark in 2018 under Class 35 and Class 41; Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks, Department of industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.


  • We encourage young people into the field of education upholding morality and ethics. Strive for the economically weak and socially undervalued students to meet the challenges of modern world.
  • Maintain a warm relation with environment to become professional eco-friendly handlers
  • Provide quality education at the early age of students drawing the maximum potential to fulfil their ambition
  • Enable to play a vital role in advance knowledge of human activities. It will help the community to serve our nation and humanity


  • To provide free education to scheduled tribes and give full potential to them.
  • To give equal opportunities for all irrespective of region, caste, class, gender, and disability
  • To promote creativity and innovation in academic activities
  • To create an ambience that fosters teamwork, cooperation and mutual support.
  • To ensure the quality of social and economic life through various programmes this helps the students to make direct or indirect influence in the society. .
  • To introduce rigorous training methods to integrate the latest technological resources in the process of imparting education.
  • To build up a committed and competent new generation of media professionals.
  • To enable students to achieve values like humanity and compassion.


  • To understand diverse culture
  • To lead for a self employment
  • To develop students own creativity in their own field of interest
  • To get ready for the active participation during the natural disasters and meet the needs of the society
  • To develop a life skill
  • To take initiative in nature conservation activities
  • To understand modern trends in education
  • To be familiar with different fields in education
  • To gain an interest in social work
  • To greet the presence of students from any countries who want to be a part of trogon
  • To enable the students to govern themselves by discussing the issues those affect them
  • To become involved in the political and social processes that deter mine the kind of society we have and can help individuals lead better lives
  • To inspire students to improve public policy to meet both community and individual needs


  • To ensure a value orientation up to higher education level for that it acts as a green hub of education.
  • To broaden students approaches to the contemporary issues and motivate them to take up their responsibilities as the citizens of tomorrow.
  • To understand the nature, scope and development of technologies as media nowadays operate within a context of political behaviour, social and cultural development and globalization.
  • To give free education to the tribes and at the same time enhances the poor and backward students.
  • To promote intelligent citizen involvement.


“Fly beyond”:- trogon explores education by conducting literature film festivals, art fest, book review, international conferences, street plays and talk shows according to the students’ own area of interest. Trogon can sprout wings for the dreams of students by flying beyond their imagination for physical, social and financial empowerment of backward ones as education is the ultimate weapon to success and self realization.