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troGon here with the campaign "Maramaanu Jeevan" to plant more trees everywhere as a logical remedy for the adverse climate changes. troGon focuses every student to plant trees not only on a particular day but throughout the life, and thereby advocates planting and preserving. It is the time to realize and repeat the mantra - Tree is life! As part of this project, trogon will facilitate a place for vegetable organic farming and students will take initiative to plant and protect the farm. Actually this is a project to awaken a sense of nature conservation among the students. The project carries only one year validity. Members of the project have to upload their selfie with the plant in the website after each three months. For that, they are provided username and password. All members will be honoured with Maramanu jeevan certificate at the end of the year and the best nature student will be honoured with Green Student award. Interested institutions can see Maramanu Jeevan online application form in the website.